Is Change Calling You?

A call for change can be the result of major events in your life:

·         The end of a personal relationship or the start of a new one

·         The loss of a job or the start of a new one

·         Children moving out of the house

·         New family structure

·         Money Issues

·         Aging and health concerns

These may be signs that Change is calling you.  

Are You Ready for Change?

If so, Welcome to The Heroine’s Journey. 

“The Heroine’s Journey is the Quest for Wholeness” – Maureen Murdock author of The Heroine’s Journey

Change begins with the desire for something new, something different.  The Heroine’s Journey is about changing ourselves.  It is about being brave enough to come back home to our true self.

We find ourselves asking questions:  

·         What is important to me, now?

·         What do I want to do with my life?  What do I want out of life?

·         What am I passionate about?

·         What am I looking for in my relationships? 

·         How do I make time for myself without feeling guilty?

·         Can I really start over?

I have been on the heroine’s journey throughout my life, with the deepest calling for change occurring in the past 6 years.  I found myself in a state of hopelessness in many areas of my life, in fact nothing made me happy except my companion, my golden retriever Taos!  I found myself depressed even though I am “the glass is ½ full” kind of woman.  I felt the only way to respond to this call to change was to explore how I got there. 

My first step was to hire a Life Coach to support me in this journey and thus started the internal part of my journey by looking within.  With that came renting out my house, packing up a bag of clothes and with my dog headed up towards the Pacific Coast.  I began looking at all my relationships, my friends, my family during the long drive. I saw that I had internalized beliefs such as not deserving love. 

With the help of my Coach, I worked to change these beliefs and developed healthier ones. I healed the disenfranchised parts of myself that felt unworthy.

I found my true voice and rediscovered some of my passions.  I reconnected with that younger version of myself who got a degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Study’s, both subjects that bring me great joy and fulfillment and still do to this day.  I changed careers from working in an office and stepped into my fulfillment as a Coach.


I am now privileged in supporting women in finding the answers to their question.  I can help facilitate the changes  you are seeking.  I can empower you to become The Heroine in your own life. 

To begin your Heroine’s Journey (and free consultation),
call me at (818) 321-0891 or
email me at

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are

looking for the experience of being alive” – Joseph Campbell






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